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Why not read about Nudge Theory on Wikipedia?

New feature available June '17
Nudge Takeaway - A very slick, customer friendly, online ordering option bristling with features. Compatible with: iPhone, iPad and Android Devices

The simple to use online food ordering system where customers can very quickly place an order, for collection or delivery, that is fully itemised for both you and your customer. Nudge calculates any delivery distance and charges according to your rules.

Put your Takeaway Menu Online.

Nudge Takeaway often takes less than an hour to setup. Your customers can then order for collection or optional delivery. Simply copy and paste your existing menu into Nudge Takeaway, add a few instructions and publish it - online.
It's easier than you might think... and once again, there are NO commission charges.

‘Takeaway for 8pm’ – Smartphone Ordering

How do customers order a Takeaway? Nudge Takeaway is customisable to your restaurant's menu options. It understands meal combinations and more importantly, it's easy for you to implement them, be it a simple order or a complex combinational order, depending on the food you serve…

E.g. a simple Ham Sandwich or a 'customise your own' Pizza with multiple toppings and lots of options

You can easy add “Go large” options to servings and add suggested side orders. Nudge Takeaway will continually tempt your customers with extras, if that is what you wish it to do.

Optionally set delivery charges (by distance) and limit the maximum delivery distance. It fully totals each order and charges delivery accordingly thereby making Takeaway ordering easier for you and your customers

How do I receive a takeaway order?

Each takeaway order is sent to you, by Email, for you to fulfill. Nudge will inform one or more (maximum 4) email addresses. You can create a duty email roster, a single click is all that is needed to include or exclude an email address on this notification list.

So, what Hardware do I need for taking orders?

If you already have a smartphone then that’s great, otherwise you can buy a cheap Android Tablet costing circa £80 plus V.A.T. iPhones and iPads will of course work, but are more expensive. In fact, anything that you can web browse and read emails on will do.