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Why not read about Nudge Theory on Wikipedia?

Nudge Intervention - an iPhone based tool that can subtly modify your customer's lifestyle habits... (yes it's a FREE feature)

An Artificial Intelligence program that first learns from your customer about their lifestyle, and then predicts when they are likely to be planning to spend money and most importantly where.

Automatically display intervention advertising based on the individual's location, time of day and lifestyle habits.

Nudge's targeted adverts will influence customers to visit and spend at your business more often, keeping your customers loyal without any major effort from yourself, because it's so easy to set up and use!

It's all in the Postcode.

Just give Nudge a list of your competitors' postcodes and you can sit back whilst it learns about and predicts your customers’ lifestyle. After a couple of months Nudge knows exactly where, when and how often your customers go out, all thanks to GPS technology!

So, what “Artificial Intelligence” does Nudge Intervention use?

Unlike most location aware programs, Nudge throws away most of the location information it receives. What it does keep is kept anonymous, it does not and cannot leave the customer’s phone. It analyses this location information to see how often they visit a given competitor, using their postcode and most importantly how often they spend with you!
Nudge then 'decides' if your customer matches one of three customer loyalty types:

  1. They most often spend elsewhere... (75% elsewhere, 25% with yourself)
  2. They spend elsewhere, slightly more often than with you (50%-74% probability elsewhere)
  3. They are loyal, spending most of the time with you
You can target a unique (i.e. different) pre-arranged advert for each of the above types 1-3. The advert that is then displayed at the most opportune moment to influence your customer’s spending decision and their chosen destination.

Full Facts Disclosure:

How does Nudge Intervention actually work? It follows the following programming rules whilst the customer's phone is active.

  1. Estimate where the customer lives (to within 200 yards) using Satellite G.P.S. tracking and calculate how far they are away from your premises and their average travel time.
  2. Examine competitor postcodes, analyse location history and count how often your customer has visited any of your competitors.
  3. Continually search throughout the week for the times that your customer visits you or a competitor most often. Update the spending predictions so that they become more accurate with time.
  4. Determine if the customer is one of the 3 above mentioned types that may require an Intervention Advert:
    If so Nudge calculates the best time to raise an attention grabbing alert which results in the display of an Intervention advert that you have designed. It does not necessarily mean giving something away, just remind your customer that you serve fantastic food. The timing is critical: Nudge knows what time your customer arrives home, it also knows when they are about to leave home. You can choose which timings suit the way that your business operates. (We will gladly assist you in making this choice)
Nudge Intervention will revolutionise how you can interact with customers. It is like a watchdog, looking out, guarding your interests and will take appropriate action at any reasonable hour.