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Why not read about Nudge Theory on Wikipedia?

Introducing the Nudge 4 All Suite - all included within one amazing price...

The App combines FOUR unique software packages, each designed to enhance your business:

Nudge Communicator

The easy D.I.Y. App Media Publisher where you can rapidly create and feature beautiful looking menus, your latest news, professional looking articles and even ask your customers for their opinions and ratings.
You can compliment or reward your customers when they recommend your business through Nudge to their friends, and, if you wish, only when those friends spend money with you!
If you have a Website, then Nudge can create your initial App based on it's current content...
If not, then Nudge has a great Mobile App designer built in...
Either way, you end up with a professional looking App in just minutes..
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Nudge Intervention - for iPhone

Input your competitors’ postcodes and see what happens! Nudge uses your customer’s smartphone G.P.S. 'SatNav' location to predict when, where and how often, he or she eats out at your competitors, or simply stays in. You can create automatically generated, audible smartphone alerts that link to adverts and offers that you have designed, to persuade a customer to purchase your services! An ‘alert’ could for example, trigger an offer to one of your customers that Nudge predicts is likely to visit one of your competitors, rather than you. It uses GPS to understand your customers' spending habits, using this information to 'nudge' a customer to visit with you!
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Nudge Bookables

Take online bookings 24/7 without paying any commission charges.
E.g. Table for Two at 8 p.m. this Thursday. Your customer's can make their reservations online using their mobiles. If you have a Website, add an online 'Nudge Bookings Button' for free!

Designed for absolute simplicity of use. You can accept or amend reservation requests via your Nudge account - by simply logging in.
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Nudge Takeaway New feature available June '17

Put your own 'Takeaway Menu'... online! This allows your customers to order in advance, for collection or delivery. Optional automatic order totalling and delivery mileage charging, if you so wish. Supports both simple and complex combinational choices using easy, plain text instructions. All Orders are processed commission free. No charges!
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  • All this is designed with a Web Site!

    Just click, design and publish...

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