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Nudge Bookables - an Online Reservation Service with Booking Confirmations. Compatible with: iPhone, iPad and Android Devices

"Book a Table for two at 8pm - CONFIRMED!"
Easy to use reservations via your customers' phones or computers.

Easily take and confirm restaurant reservations.

It only takes a few seconds for your customer and likewise a few seconds for you to confirm the reservation.

How do customers make a reservation?

They can use Nudge on their Smartphone, iPad or Tablet. If you already have your own Website then you can add a 'Reservation' button to it for free. (we'll tell you how) Your site will then be able to receive Reservation requests from any customer's computer with a web browser and there are No charges, repeat No charges nor commission involved, it's all a part of the amazing Nudge 4 All Suite.

How do I confirm a reservation?

Each reservation request sends an Email to you which contains three options:

  1. Accept the Reservation online.
  2. Amend (i.e. offer an alternative time)
  3. Reject the Reservation
Nudge will inform one or more (maximum 4) email addresses. You can create a duty email roster, a single click is all that is needed to include or exclude an email address on this notification list.

What can customers make a reservation for?

Nudge allows you to create a list of what a customer can make reservations for and more importantly when. You can specify the times of day, the days in the week and a date range for each Bookable service that you offer:

  • Table for dinner (you can set the times and the applicable days of the week)
  • Afternoon Tea (limit to afternoons, Monday to Friday?)
  • Sunday Lunch (Sundays only)
  • Christmas Dinner (specify a December date range)

The easy to use ‘Online Bookables Designer’ lets you use a single image (your own or one of ours) and a block of text to describe what your customers can make reservations for. Nudge will ask your customers for the date, time and the number of covers. Once you have accepted a reservation, the customer is automatically informed via their Smartphone.

So, what Hardware do I need for accepting reservations?

If you already have a smartphone then that’s great, otherwise you can buy a cheap Android Tablet costing circa £80 plus V.A.T. iPhones and iPads will of course work, but are more expensive. In fact, anything that you can web browse and read emails on, will do.

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