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We can help design and manage your App, if desired...

Leave the Design to us

Short on Time? 3 options available to help

  • Our Nudge Comprehensive Personalised Business App Service. - We do everything for you.
  • App Content Design for £30 plus Vat per App page created or updated.
  • App Content Design, (as above) then you update changes yourself to avoid design costs.

Call or email us to discuss how we can help.
024 7646 4841 or nudge@nudgenow.co.uk

We have the right solution for you...
What's the design cost?

For a starter App, four content pages seems about right. To design and publish four content pages, it will cost £30 x 4 = £120 (plus Vat) You can ask us to add more pages as necessary, design your own content or update our designs without paying any additional fees. I.e. Content page design costs the same £30 per page. (plus Vat)

Training Packages Available!

We can provide training packages that offer low cost on-site training to help you get started. These can be arranged in two hour sessions for up to five working consecutive days, which are extremely useful for multi-branch corporates, whereas a single session would more than suffice for a single site business.

How does this all work?

Simply call or email us. Please supply any specific images and text that you want including giving us your web site address. For clarity, each email should only reference a single content page and your requirements for it. For a starter App, four separate emails should be sent to us, each dealing with a single page content. In the absence of images we will supply some free public domain images which you can replace now or later, if you so desire.

Terms and Conditions

Our design service is not suitable for Multi-Site (Corporate) accounts or for the Free 'Design only' Accounts. We will undertake the design of a content page in the expectation that once produced, it will only need a couple of proofs before being fit for publishing to your customers. We reserve the right to refuse design work if we so choose.

  • Nudge: a D.I.Y. App

    Nudge: a Bespoke App...

    Nudge - Profit by I.T.